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  • Guangzhou Kingrise Enterprises Co., Ltd.
    Stationary Test Equipment
    Class 0.02 Three Phase Reference Standard Meter
    KE9303 three phase reference standard meter is used as the power standard for the electric power departments, meter manufacturing companies and institutes of metrology; it is fit for all of the three phase energy meters test system with different modes.


    • High speed DSP and high accuracy ADC to make sure the quick and accurate measurement
    • Large screen color LCD display rich measuring info
    • Touch screen design, simple and easy operation
    • Completely independent measuring channel, greatly reduce the mutual interference
    • User-defined 3 channel pulse output, flexible configuration.
    • 4 channel pulse input could test 4 meters simultaneously
    • Various interfaces (including RS-232, USB, Ethernet, etc) to connect to PC or other devices.
    • Measuring data could be saved, browsing and displayed.

    Main specifications:

    Voltage measurement
    Voltage range10V - 480V
    Accuracy±0.02% (40V - 480V)
    Harmonics2nd- 59st
    Current measurement
    Current range1mA - 200A
    Accuracy±0.02% (0.05A-200A)
    Harmonics2nd- 59st
    Power measurement
    Active power±0.02% (0.05A-200A)
    Reactive power±0.02% (0.05A-200A)
    Apparent power±0.02% (0.05A-200A)
    Energy measurement
    Active energy±0.02% (0.05A-200A)
    Reactive energy±0.02% (0.05A-200A)
    Apparent energy±0.02% (0.05A-200A)
    Phase measurement
    Phase range0° - 360°
    Frequency measurement
    Frequency range45Hz- 65Hz
    Pulse output
    High frequency output(CH)Defined by users
    Low frequency output(CL)CH / 10000
    Pulse input
    Input channel4
    Input frequencyMax. 1MHz
    Power supply220V±10%  50/60Hz±2Hz
    Temperature-10°C - +40°C
    Humidity45% - 75%RH